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Company Profile

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Company Profile:

Manufacturer,exporter, supplier of quality  HSP Cylinder ,HUASHAN Machinery,  established in 2003, based in Ningbo  and Guangzhou, is a highly dynamic  and professional manufacturer in China.

We manufacture a wide range of industrial products to meet the requirements of clients in domestic China and aboard. Our core competencies lies in manufacturing of motorcycle cylinders, diesel engine cylinders, outboard engine sleeves and water power skateboard cylinders.

With the experience of years in manufacturing and supplying superior quality products, we become one of the most reliable spare part suppliers in China. Offering more than 250 models of Aluminum & Iron cylinders, global OE and aftermarket.





Our Mission and Vission:

we are committed to ensuring we engineer and manufacure parts that meet and exceed our OE customers' needs for innovation,quality,performance. And deliver it on time, every time, to every corner of the world.

To manufacture products comparable to international standards, to be customer-focused and globally competitive through better quality, latest technology and continuous innovation.

We will be single-minded to deliver value-added solutions for global markets through constant improvement in the quality of our product expectations.



Our Advantage:

• HSP- One of the most reliable brands for engine spare part.

• State-of-the-art facilities with latest machinery and equipment.

• New product development and parts manufacturing based on client's requirement with in-depth QA of samples/drawings procured from client.

• Strong network of manufacturing partners and suppliers.

Comprehensive range of cylinders for various applications.

• Serving global aftermarket industry for more than 16 years.

• Exporting quality engine parts all over the world.


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Factory Address : No.1 Xiner Road, Daxie Ningbo, China- 315812

Guangzhou Office Address:Room301F,Jinhua Industrial

Ningbo Office Address:Room408, Yintai Mansion, Yinzhou, Ningbo, China-315101

Tel : +86-574-86768865
Fax : +86-574-86766096
Contact : Willa Wong
M.T. : +86-18888665706
E-mail: willa@hspcylinder cn, info@hspcylinder.cn

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